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Lamour Supreme Collection

If you are in the know, you know: surprisingly to some, jazzman John Coltrane has a special place in skateboarding. If ever some of his songs adorning a few mythical video parts was not enough, Coltrane's album A Love Supreme is also now associated with NYC-born and raised artist Ferdinand, aka Lamour Supreme. Like Coltrane when he wrote this song, Ferdinand had an epiphany ten years ago, while listening to a French version of A Love Supreme: here and there, he dropped his daily job in architecture to launch fully into his art - his artistic alter ego Lamour Supreme was born. Since then, Lamour Supreme has made himself a name as an illustrator and an ace designer toy customiser with his kaijus (Japanese-style toy monsters), getting his start with legendary San Francisco-based art toy label Super 7 and paying hommage to a 1980s and 1990s childhood spent ingesting all the right ingredients - pop culture, comics, skateboarding, cartoons, tattoo. With undisputable roots in street culture and an appetite for futuristic expressions, the common ground was obvious: Element and Lamour Supreme needed to meet. As epic and colourful as Ferdinand's cartoons are, their collab is out now!

Lamour Supreme Collection
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